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NEW! LONDON OLYMPICS: The schedule for competition and the results will appear as the events take place.

WONDERLIFTER'S PHOTO STREAM: Some great photos taken at the 2012 European Championships. Very fine photography.

PODIUM GOLD WEIGHTLIFTING CLUB ON YOU TUBE: Interviews with Abadjiev and videos of some very heavy lifts, the most recent ones of Hysen Pulaku.

DARTFISH VIDEOS OF THE NATIONALS: Excellent quality videos of every lift at the recently conducted 2012 USA Nationals. If you missed the meet, you can see it all here.

TAKANO ATHLETICS: A collection of informative articles and sample training programs, as well as audio interviews with some of the top names in the field of weightlifting and strength and conditioning.

JOHN GARHAMMER'S PUBLICATIONS: A compilation of some of John's top research articles. Very valuable stuff.

BRUCE KLEMEN'S FLICKR PAGE: A collection of great weightlifting photos from the top weightlifting photographer in the country.

THE WEIGHTLIFTING COACH ON YOU TUBE: A brief collection of my lifting videos. Many of these are instructional.

SPORTIVNY PRESS: A collection of articles on Soviet and Chinese training methods as gathered, translated or compiled by Bud Charniga. The Russian Training Manuals and other publications are available for purchase here. Highly recommended by me.

DATABASE WEIGHTLIFTING: The statistical results of all major European and international weightlifting competitions since 1973.

WEIGHTLIFTING STORIES AT ESPN: This page carries some legitimate international and national weightlifting news amidst a good percentage of news stories that use the weightlifting tag. Some of the items that fall beneath the radar of many weightlifting aficionados make it on the ESPN page.

1234567898619's Channel at You Tube: This channel features Russian telecasts of world championships and other major competitions. Even if you don't understand the Russian commentary, the videos are fabulous, professionally captured and often from several different angles. This is a tremendous resource!

Boffa1226: This channel has posted some short videos from the recently concluded World Championships. Excellent footage.

Rob Macklem's Blog: Rob Macklem's excellent photos from the 2011 World Championships. Rob is one of the top lifting photographers in the world.

Guardian: More excellent photos from the 2011 World Championships from a variety of sources including wire services.

Olympic Weightlifting.Eu: A website with loads of weightlifting videos from high level competition. SEE THE VIDEOS FROM THE 2012 EUROPEANS HERE!!!!!

Tarmin's You Tube Channel: Another You Tube page with many videos from weightlifting competitions.

All Things Gym:

Newton Sports: Harvey is a long time coaching cohort and his website has a great deal of useful information for those interested in weightlifting or the designing of training programs for strength and conditioning. Harvey is one of the true authorities in our sport. Sign up for the free newsletter!

Catalyst Athletics: Greg Everett's Catalyst Athletics website features plenty of training information for weightlifters and strength and conditioning coaches. Sign up for his free newsletter! Greg also has an excellent e-zine!

Dianna Linden Sports Massage: Restoration is an absolute necessity for the hard training athlete and no one understands it as Dianna Linden does. Check our this website for helpful information on this much overlooked factor in the development of great athletes. You can download an MP3 file of my audio interview with Dianna [ here ]

Crackyflipside's Channel on You Tube: Over 170 weightlifting videos uploaded, many of them featuring the top lifters in the world. Many of them have bar pathways superimposed providing interesting study materials.

Highland Games Links

Scottish Masters Athletics International, NFP


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